Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pulau Jarak 2009 Part 2

I plucked out a 200g Chrome Williamson Abyss jig and dropped it overboard. It didn't take long before it reached the bottom of 200+ feet of water. Within 15 mins, a nice Golden Snapper happened across the jig and decided to pounce on it. Bad mistake! It took the 'express jig lift' up to the water surface.  Somehow I noticed the Golden Snapper looked 'stressed' judging from the colouration on the scales and fins. It was a dull, pale colour compared to one Damien would land later (read on...). 

Goldilocks looked stressed - caught on Williamson Abyss 200g

Remember in my previous post about the Williamson Vortex Jig that I hoped to catch a GT with at Jarak? Well too bad for me - I didn't get any nice GT on it. However, the absence of GT action on it was compensated with a nice Cobia on the Vortex 200g. Fish and chips came to mind but we all unanimously agreed it was better off released so back into the water it went.

At this point, I'd like to shamelessly admit I broke my Genesis Okeanos PE2-4 rod. After landing the big Cobe, the Vortex went back into the water in search for another 'victim'. The jig found a 'victim' alright - it got snagged right into some corals below. With the fast drift, soon enough, the line was angled underneath the boat. With some 'macho' (more like stoopid!) yanks of the rod in hope to free the jig, the jigstick gave a loud WHACK and I was left staring at the bottom half of my Okeanos. Time to get a new jigstick...

Now all this while Darren & Damien were quietly working hard at the back of the boat. Over a pinnacle, both the double Ds rods' bent double (hmmm... that rhymes!) and they were in business. The Poseidon Spin Jerker PE2.5s arched over beautifully. Within minutes, Damien had a nice GT in hand and jigstick in mouth ready for the trademark pose. *SNAP!* Pic captured. Darren on the other hand made short work of the Barracuda which was totally no match for the PE2.5. 

Damien's trademark pose

Notice how Barracudas always look brutish?

The jigging session continued on with Darren subsequently landing a beautiful Goldie on an Inchiku jig. Notice how fat, healthy, radiant and happy (well, maybe not happy) the fish looked compared to my earlier fish? Must've been using SK-II products I tell you.

The Angchohman

See how pretty and radiant it looks compared to my earlier Goldie? Gotta be SK-II!

With dusk approaching, we headed towards Pulau Jarak and anchored for the night. Not long after dinner, Mahadzir and Edi started their 'night shift'. The usual surface commotion of Big-eye Trevally pouncing on the flying fish which we experienced the last trip was absent. Little did I know they were soon connected to some beautiful GTs on jigs.

Edi's GT on Bluefox Herring

How good is that! Big-Eye Trevally from Edi's efforts

FG having a go on the Sabel Dance PE1

To be continued....

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