Friday, May 27, 2011

TU - Part 2

More pictures from the trip :)

Nice surprise!

Fish'R'Us fighting a foul hooked Queenie that fought real hard

There were many cases of foul hooked Queenies. Must have been overly enthusiastic while chasing down the jigs

Great fun with 4-10lb rod

Ultimate fun!

Many thanks to our Captain Loong

Thursday, May 19, 2011

TU - (The Ultimate) Light Jigging Experience - Part 1

There's more great products coming out from Storm this season! Following the recent introduction of the Japanese-designed Basho Frog, we now have the Storm Thunder Jigs! Personally, I love the new Storm products as they are getting to look more like their JDM counterparts but at a more affordable price tag. It is not surprising since the Asia Edition lures are designed by a team of Japanese lure designers. Cool!

To try out these jigs without having to venture too far.... we headed for TU, just off Desaru, Johor. TU stands for Tompok Utara, a beacon that warns mariners of a shallow shoal in the busy shipping lane. And for the past couple of years, this spot has been synonymous with Queenfish. Big ones. And MANY of them!

But as years passed on, the fishes became smaller and though the big ones above 6-8kg are still around, they are less of an average size to encounter there.

We didnt have to wait long as the Queenfish were eagerly waiting below for the Thunder Jigs

Ever obliging...

Fish'R'Us pinning down a Queenie on Rapala Cruz PE1-3

The Fish'R'Us stylo trademark pose

Is that a Rapala Predator 10-20lb with a Daiwa Z2020 I see??

Oh yea!

Casting Skarpsilda prototypes. Ugly to the eyes but crazily effective to pelagics! Coming soon...

Give em' the stick!! 4-10lb exerted

This bruiser found the Thunder Jig yummy!

To be continued....

Monday, May 16, 2011

Basho Frogs snag some Toman

Basho Frogs saw some action as Fred & YH went on a short stint - nothing mega but loads of youthful Toman that were so ever receptive to the Basho Froggies... here's 3 shots courtesy of YH's Pentax K-7:

Saturday, May 7, 2011

We love Clackin' Minnow & Jigging Rap

There's no doubt about it. We love Clackin' Minnow! And so do the fish. This trip was the usual walk in the jungle but with only 3 lures: Jigging Rap, Clackin' Minnow and for insurance, X-Rap. As what our friend Fish'R'Us says... using X-Rap is almost like using live-bait. Haha!

But the Clackin' Minnow was unique in a sense that it swims slightly deeper and sinks slowly when paused (we swapped out the stock hooks with new VMC 3X Spark Points) which are good for the deeper holding fish.

Prototype Rapala Snow 4-10lb rod in action

And a nice Temensis results!

They love small snacks like the Jigging Rap

Say Ahhhhh!

Beautifully coloured Paca

This one's ready to mate

One from the pack that ambushed the lure

Aint the patterns beautiful?

This one seems to have a bit more weight


Jigging Rap catches anything from big to small. Pic courtesy of YH's Pentax K-7

Ready... get set...


Friday, May 6, 2011

Storm Basho Frogs Have Arrived

Rapala Southeast Asia has announced via Facebook that the long awaited Storm Basho frogs have arrived on our shores

There's currently a promotion too... buy 2 Froggies and get 1 limited edition Storm foldable ruler free (while stocks last).