Monday, February 14, 2011

Storm FlutterStick: The Peacock Bass' Fav Snack

After this trip to Air Kuning, I am very much convinced that the Storm FlutterStick is the favourite snack of AK's Peacock Bass.

KH & I met up with Uncle Benny, a well-renowned guide of Air Kuning waters to check out the fishing and also test out some upcoming Rapala rods in the pipeline (more of that in a later posting). Weather was not on our side though, as it had been raining for the past week and knowing these PBs, they are much more active when the weather is super duper hot. Folks who are regulars to Air Kuning will tell you its extremely hot like an oven on a typical day but for us, it was not to be so. True enough, it was cloudy and overcast while we were there which affected the bite rate but nevertheless we didn't go home empty handed.

Top lures? The Storm FlutterStick in the new Hot Perch colour followed by Rapala Flat Rap. I reckon it was the bright orange, chrome coloured finishing of the FlutterStick that attracted the attention of otherwise inactive PBs on the dull, overcast day. Do work the lure on a rapid retrieve with twitches thrown in. This is where a reel with high-speed retrieve comes in handy. As for the Flat Rap, we noted that slow retrieves with the occasional twitch produced strikes especially retrieved alongside the bush-line.

Unloading the car-topper from Uncle Benny's vehicle

Juvenile Toman: "I loooove you!" *Hug hug hug*

Two fish on one lure!

Now what are the chances of that? On Rapala Flat Rap

Another one on Flat Rap Yellow Perch
This group of plants itself produced several nice specimens

Another on Flat Rap!

This time X-Rap was unmolested

The biggies had a liking for Storm FlutterStick

Some even over-enthusiastically engulfed the entire lure

KH testing out Rapala's upcoming SAND 6-12lb rod (more news coming!)

FlutterStick finds another victim

And another one bites the dust...

And another...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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