Friday, September 12, 2014

Rapala Balsa Xtreme Jointed Shad

FINALLY! We got to try the new Rapala BX Jointed Shad (BXJS06)! 

To be honest, we haven't really given this new lure much attention ever since some samples came by the office. We have always felt we should at the very least give these hybrids a go - we'd then know how this lure swims in the water. With so many waterways now more easily accessible for a quick cast, we headed down to one of the 'longkangs' (drain / canals) for a 45-minute 'street fishing' session. Since we'd be targeting only small Peacock Bass, we fished with ultralight 3-10lb outfits. Fishing light also allowed us to cast a little bit further with the 7g lure. 

We discovered that despite the rounder shad-shape body giving a more 'clumsy' wobble, the BX Jointed Shad had a very sexy tail-kick action thanks to it's jointed tail. Lifting the rod tip up high and engaging a very slow retrieve makes it a very interesting 'wake bait'. But what enticed most of the Peacock Bass to bite was a straight, slow and steady retrieve. Nice! Just the way a good lure should be - catching fish straight out of the box!