Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Hate Frogs!

I hate frogs. Period.

So don't even think I will consider using froggies as bait for Haruan. They are cold, squeaky and ugly. Hate em'! Those pesky things!

So instead of using little Kermit's cousins, I clipped on a Storm Wildeye soft plastic shad to cast into the weedy patch. Not exactly a wise thing to do since it wasnt really weedless; each cast returned a clump of weed patches wrapped around it - looking like some weedball.

But nearing a patch of weed, this little greedy fella pounced on the softie bait. See? I don't need froggies to get Haruan too! Ok... so its a mini fella. But it still counts, right? :) 

Cute lil' fella. We put him back to where he belonged.

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