Thursday, November 24, 2011

Could it be?

Ultralight series. More to come... :) 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rapala Life Belt

What a long break from writing! Has it been 2 months already?! Time flies...

There are plenty of inflatable Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) these days and the good news is that it's getting more and more affordable to own one. With good reason too - personal safety on the water is very important. If you drown, the bad news is you can't fish no more! Now that wouldn't be fun since we all love fishing don't we?

Jokes aside, it wasn't too many years ago that inflatable life vests were far out of reach for most anglers due to their expensive price tags. So for those on budget constraints, we would wear those thick, orange-coloured foam vests that double up as pillows on overnight trips offshore. Not the most comfortable and hygienic (they start to grow mildew if your mate borrowed and conveniently forgot to clean them) but they do keep you afloat in case you topple overboard. Not to mention they restrict your movement pretty much.

A new addition to the existing Rapala inflatable life vest family is the Rapala WP-1 Inflatable Life Belt. Worn on the waist like a pouch, the WP-1 automatically inflates when its user enters the water. Being on the waist gives the user free range of movement whether casting or jigging. 

The Rapala WP-1 Inflatable Life Belt. Made in Japan.

 FG models for the camera (I assure you he's not being rude here!)

The Rapala WP-1 Life Belt fully inflated  

Product details (unfortunately I don't read Japanese) 

Comes with a whistle for the user to attract attention 

If needed, the user can also tug the cord to inflate the belt 

D-rings for the user to hang accessories

Auto-inflatable mechanism. I wouldn't go dancing under the rain in case it inflates! 

Reflective tape on the sides

FG unrestricted, comfortable and assured of his personal safety on the water