Monday, February 23, 2009

Vortex Jigging for Pulau Jarak

3 more days! 

And it's off to Pulau Jarak! And what a welcome break it would be from the office work!

I'm already preparing for the GT and Big Eye Trevally action and hopefully some deep water jigging for bottom dwellers too. Loaded up plenty of Bluefox Herring Jigs and Williamson Abyss jigs in the 100g-250g range.

FG passed me some nice new toys (YES! AGAIN! Yippee bippee!) in the form of Williamson Vortex Jig. Conceptually, it looks pretty cool and has a unique design. Not too sure about how it will perform in the water so I will only be able to tell you once I get back from Jarak. Hopefully the next time it appears in RapalaInsider will be hanging out of the bucketmouth of a nice GT! *dreaming...dreaming* 

But design wise, its supposed to spin like mad when jigged causing erratic flashes from the holographic stickers. It's got a concave shape on one side and a concaved other side which is supposed to create that 'Vortex' spinning action. Throw in a nice ball bearing swivel and VUALLA!! You've got a vertical spinnerbait. 

Now I'm also a fan of Williamson's Gyro Jig which was a darling in the previous Pulau Jarak trip. Lets hope this baby works the magic again like the Gyro.... 

3 more days!!

Vortex Jig - comes in 100g, 150g, 200g & 250g sizes and pre-rigged with VMC hooks

Nice, smooth, clean and shiny on one side

Watch that bling!

Flip it around and it's another finish

Check out the curves on this baby - should flutter nicely on the drop

Again, flip it around to show the holographic flash finish

Another key ingredient to the rotating flash action - ball bearing swivels. Dont leave home without it!

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