Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New for 2014: Rapala MaxRap Fat Minnow

Riding on the long-casting capability of the Rapala MaxRap concept, the new Rapala MaxRap Fat Minnow now comes in a broader side profile and larger girth to give a slightly larger 'presence'. One of the key characteristics of the new MaxRap Fat Minnow is the ability to dive deep very quickly upon the first few cranks and yet allowing anglers to make long-casts with accuracy. This is made possible with Rapala's patented Max Cast mechanism balanced with tungsten balls. 

Action wise, the Rapala MaxRap Fat Minnow has a very tight, tail-kicking action that rises slowly on the pause. On a recent trip to Thailand when conditions were a bit more challenging, the Rapala MaxRap Fat Minnow produced some nice Sebarau on the bright-coloured patterns. Being able to cast further is a distinct advantage when fish are spooky. On top of that, being able to quickly dive deep into the strike zone upon water entry is another plus point that enabled us to extract some deep holding fish too. 

Fred hoists a Sebarau on Rapala MaxRap Fat Minnow PRTU (Parrot UV)

This one was on a FGFR (Flake Gold Fluorescent Red)

This one was on a FGFR (Flake Gold Fluorescent Red)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Storm Gomoku Micro Snacks!

We'll be seeing some pretty cool lures from Storm in 2014. Happy New Year indeed! Here's a sneak peak of peanut-sized snacks from Storm. They look lovely! Peacock Bass and Tilapia beware! More Micro lures to come!

Gomoku Popper 

Cute ain't it?

Gomoku Spin Jig