Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Okuma Salina II High Speed

Some info on the new Okuma Salina II High Speed reels that should be out in the retail stores in the next few weeks. A pretty robust and solid reel with impressive stopping power (features Okuma's Dual Force Drag system). The difference between the high speed (6.2:1 ratio) model and the standard Salina II is quickly evident in the rounded power knob. The standard model has a 'wheel' type of power knob. The rounded knob and high speed ratio is good news for popper casters, ergonomically and speed-wise to get that popper or pencil bait running for its life (quite literally!). All in all it's a great value for money reel if you want a powerful, robust and reliable popping reel without having to break the piggy bank for one.

Specs below are courtesy of Rapala Southeast Asia's Facebook page.

Model: SASII-5000
Max Drag: 13.0kg
Bearings: 8BB + 1RB
Ratio: 6.2:1
Line Cap: 350m/5kg 260m/6kg 180m/8kg
RRP: RM660

Model: SASII-10000
Max Drag: 20.0kg
Bearings: 8BB + 1RB
Ratio: 6.2:1
Line Cap: 450m/6kg 300m/8kg 270m/10kg
RRP: RM770

Model: SASII-16000
Max Drag: 20.0kg
Bearings: 8BB + 1RB
Ratio: 6.2:1
Line Cap: 440m/7kg 337m/10kg 275/12kg
RRP: RM840

The production model for Southeast Asia

Red coloured prototype on the right alongside the Okuma Cedros. Notice the different power knobs

Testing in progress... 

The 5000 was a bit of an 'overkill' for this GT. This reel is one serious machine

Candid snap of the production model in a recent Sailfish popping trip

Monday, June 20, 2011

HOT: New 2012 Rapala Lures

Previewed some exciting stuff coming our way in 2012 last week. And I'm as excited as a kindergarten schoolboy on his first day to school. Some pictures have already emerged from around the Web of the new lures but due to certain reasons I'm not able to show you guys actual product pictures yet. But I promise the actual product pics (sticking out of fishes' mouths, hopefully!) will be posted here in the coming months. :)

I'm particularly excited about a range of ultralight lures. I forsee these will be great for finicky fish. So to you ultralight fans - keep a lookout for the 2011 lures. More info coming soon...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sailfish luring with VMC Spark Point 3X Trebles

We got hold of some Spark Point trebles last year to try out when we went for our Borneo Black Bass trip. We thought they stood up pretty well as what good trebles should be: strong, tough and sticky sharp.

Not too long ago, the production samples arrived - 6 sizes altogether.
Sizes 8, 6, 4, 2, 1 and 1/0
All the sizes were 3x grade with the exception of size 8.

According to VMC's website, the point of the Spark Point hook is hardened by first forming then followed by chemical sharpening to ensure permanent hook sharpness. Front and back reinforcement ribs guarantee the point’s rigidity. Energy channels increase the speed of penetration and the point’s driving force upon striking. This results in a treble with excellent strength and yet incredibly sharp to drive hooks through.

Check out those points

6 sizes - 8, 6, 4, 2, 1 and 1/0

We had a trip coming up so we thought we'd rig up some lures with VMC Spark Points in case we encountered Sailfish. These would be the perfect fish to test the hooks since we all know its quite difficult to keep Sailfish hooked up on trebles.

X-Walk 13s were the selected choice

Armed with 1/0 3X VMC Spark Points

And soon...

Fred triumphs!

The Spark Points latched on very well onto the Sailfish mouths

And another one connects...


This time, Yu Hock is smiling ear to ear

The trebles did their job well

The VMC 3X Spark Points on X-Rap also found a victim

And a big Barracuda decided to pounce on a little MaxRap 13 (also fitted with Spark Points)

In the midst we got Tenggiri too...

Oh shucks... on baitcasting outfit!?

Oh yea!

Pretty good stuff actually. I was very impressed by the sharpness and strength of these hooks. You'll be seeing more of these trebles replacing the stock trebles on my lures moving ahead :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

New Shad Rap Size - 8cm!

This should interest Sebarau hunters...