Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pulau Jarak 2009 - Part 3

Early next morning, GT Chaser was re-parked close to the island so we could pop and jig for early morning GTs that should be on the prowl for their breakfast. We chucked everything at the water but not even a GT shadow was seen. 

Water visibility was crystal clear. Changing to an X-Rap 14cm in the SPM colour, I decided to cast at the coral bommies in hope of catching maybe some Barracuda or Macks. Just as I was chatting with Darren, the Majorcraft Offblow buckled and the Twinpower 5000PG gave a frantic squeal as the spool spun at high speed. Easy does it... please dont let this fish throw the hook! 

Moments later, we saw colour beneath the water. Bluefin Trevally! Pleasant surprise! Inside, I was thanking God for the privilege and this memorable experience to land such a beautiful fish - on the humble X-Rap 14. X-Rap SPM strikes again! After some photos, it was released to fight another day but not after a little drama that happened in the revival and release process. 

Majorcraft Offblow in action

Thanking God for this wonderful experience! (photo courtesy of FG)

X-Rap 14 SPM strikes again!

In the later part of the morning, skipper Ah Ho upped the anchor and instructed us to pop round the island in search for some GT action which had been elusive thus far. As we rounded a nice patch of coral bommies, the unmistakable screech of a Daiwa Branzino spool protesting sent our heads turning to the direction of the sound. FG who was popping in front with his Golden Mean light popping rod had a solid take on the X-Walk 13cm! Almost simultaneously, YH had a big take not far from where FG's X-Walk literally disappeared under an explosion at the water surface. Double hookup which unleashed utter pandemonium!

'Soh Steady' lives up to his nickname - see how he calmly controls the rampaging fish

Double hookup!

YH's GT was the first to be landed. Beautiful! He had been casting alongside FG with a Storm Wildeye Minnow 15cm in the blue chrome finish. Deadly lure!

Upon landing YH's fish, FG expertly guided his GT into the landing net. Two beautiful GT's!! How good is that?? Observing the entire scene unfold before my eyes, I happily snapped away the action shots and the resulting smiles on both their faces. Both were released unharmed.

A picture that speaks volumes

X-Walk Redhead Chartreuse and its captive

Not long after, FG was in action again! This time a Rainbow Runner slammed the X-Walk with gusto but was no match for the Golden Mean. It was a thrilling experience for FG as he never expected a Rainbow Runner to pounce so voraciously on the surface lure.

Rainbow Runner eats X-Walk, X-Walk eats a little anchovie

To be continued... again!

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