Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thailand! Thailand!

Just touched back from the Land of Smiles. Unfortunately the Risto Raps didn't have a chance to swim much - we couldn't find the Tommys... but the Sebbies were around though. Here's just one of em.. a fatboy courtesy of Rapala Taildancer TDD07 in OCW pattern.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Risto Rap in 7 Wonders

Named after founder Lauri Rapala's eldest son, Risto Rapala, the Risto Rap was a very popular lure for Toman hunters in Malaysia & Thailand apart from the Fat Rap. They were great casting, deep diving and oooh... that sexy balsa wood action! Sadly, they were discontinued some years ago and finding one in the popular Fire Tiger colour in tackle shops was like striking a lottery - not impossible, but you get my point.

Recognizing the feedback from local anglers for the need of these lures, Rapala Southeast Asia brought back a limited number of Fat Raps in 2009. This week, Rapala Southeast Asia officially announced via their Facebook page a limited re-run of the legendary 8cm Risto Rap.  Though I haven't seen the actual 7 colours, it seems to be the same range as the 7 wonders colours that appeared some time ago on the Tail Dancer Deep range. 

I'll be heading up to Thailand this weekend for some Toman action. Now that there are more Risto Raps available, it's safe to bring out the 'older generation' Ristos for a swim. 

Risto Rap in the older colours - GFR, FT & PRT

Fitted with VMC 3X Spark Points of course! :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Risto Rap Rumours...


Friday, July 8, 2011

Risto Rap Rumours...

Apart from the discontinued Fat Raps, Risto Raps have been a deadly lure for Toman / Pla Shado / Chado hunters in Malaysia and Thailand. There's just something about the action and buoyancy of Balsa wood that makes it stand out from plastic lures. 

There are rumours of a re-run of Risto Raps with special colours that we may be seeing soon! If that's indeed true, anglers that have missed out on the Fat Rap re-run will now have a chance to get the next best thing soon - the Risotto ... uhh... I mean Risto Rap! 

The best thing is.... I heard there'll be some exciting freebies thrown in too! Stay tuned! 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Clackin' On...

With all the news of heart-related diseases linked with obesity and lack of physical exercise these days, I reminded myself to engage in a more routine exercise regime to work off all the KFC and fried stuff I've been indulging in lately. Sitting around after meals does not help much either. So I was very happy when I learnt we'll be going trekking again. The walking should help burn up some calories.

Weather forecast was supposed to be horrid. It had been raining for the past week and despite the forecast, we still went ahead with our plan. We MUST burn up some calories, remember? Of course, not before we walloped some big bowls of noodles and eggs washed down with coffee. Ahhh.... where were we? Oh yes! Physical exercise! BURP!

After walking what seemed to be thousands of steps later, we reached our first spot. T-shirts were still not soaked through. Not sweating enough! A few casting swings should get some blood flowing through the upper body. 

 One for the morning! On Clackin' Minnow again

Then another! Clackin' Minnow was on fire! 

The fish and the lure that fooled him... or her (!?)

A blackie Toman that also found Clackin' Minnow yummy 

 Close-up mugshot

Fred topping it off for the day

By the end of the exercise session, I was sure our garments were wet enough for us to qualify in any 'Wet T-Shirt' contest. It was a good workout session. Actually fishing is a good form of exercise. So if next time the better half complains that you fish too much, explain the health benefits of fishing! ;) Oh, and don't forget to justify the expenses of getting some Rapala Clackin' Raps for the exercise sessions too.