Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rapala's Economic Stimulus Chart

I thought this was a clever ad by the Rapala Marketing boys. Looks like the best way to beat the recession blues that dominate our news each day of late - go fishing with a Rapala! 

D1 - Oh ya...Watch out for the Clackin' Rap clacking to tackle shops soon

Monday, October 27, 2008

More Peacock Bass

More photos from Air Kuning. This was one of the more memorable trips I had to Air Kuning in terms of quantity and size. Jeffroman and I hitched a ride from FishNut75 to this old mining pond which is perhaps the best Peacock Bass fishery in Malaysia. Land-based casting yielded terrific results especially on the killer X-Raps.

Water buffaloes at the water edge at sunrise

Jeffroman's first fish of the day

Releasing him to fight another day

Fin perfect

Check out the colouration

On X-Rap Muddler colour

Even tilapia are pretty aggressive in these waters

Filming for Rapala Fishing Adventures (Part 2)

We were fishing off Rompin for Sailfish with artificials and hoped to catch some action on camera. Anyone who's attempted popping for Sailfish will testify - they are darn difficult to catch! And it doesn't help that the Rompin sails are super educated!! 

Sunrise at Kuala Rompin

Ready to go!

Poppers we used - Skitter Pop & X-Walk. We found out that the finer gauge hooks penetrated the hard bills of the Sailfish easier. Go for Owner or Gamakatsu for a better hooksup

Size 5000 reel with about 280yds line should be sufficient

Time to press panic buttons

It's under control 

Light tackle rocks!

Beautiful fish!

Cameraman of the year

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Filming for Rapala Fishing Adventures (Part 1)

It was around this time of the year, last year, when YH & FG and I embarked on a little project to film Rapala Fishing Adventures. Although the entire hard work of filming, editing and scripting (or rather the absence of!) was done amateurishly by 3 of us, the results were a far cry from what the professionals do - but heck, its an in-house production of 1 intensive weekend of filming and so we gave ourselves a leeeeetle pat on the back as consolation. Not too bad for a first attempt-lah! 

But truly, it was great teamwork and also great video handling by FG. The most difficult part was coming up with the right words to say, and how to say it. (What to do? We were not Oscar nominated actors). Not to mention the fishing was extremely difficult - the fish were not cooperative and pressure to get fish for the camera was also there, but nevertheless, we assured ourselves we should just enjoy the entire process and not get bogged down by it. Technical gremlins also sneaked up on us. Many times we got confused between the 'REC' and 'STOP' functions. In our excitement to capture "the moment", we accidentally stopped recording! So some footage were not recorded. Also not to mention yours truly being the dumbo of the group getting myself into all sorts of accidents that were too embarrassing to even make it to the "GOOF UP" section. But as always, Steady Soh saves the day with magnificent fish for the cameras.

Nevertheless, the entire exercise was fun. At the end of the weekend, we not only got some nice footage but also great food, great company and great fishing!

We were trying out the new Sub-Walk 9cm & Twitchin' Rap

YH always manages to yield his magic and pull a fish out of his hat of tricks when the fishing gets tough

See? Steady!

FG with a baby Peacock on X-Rap

The Sub-walk also yielded its magic

Such a beautiful creature

Reviving the fish prior to release 

Nice sized Haruan (Snakehead) on X-Rap

Ugly or beautiful?

What I call a 'Hero' lure...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The More Important Things in Life

Some people search for 'miracle spring water' or fountain of youth, some search for the 'immortal pill'. Some even seek out the gurus and magic potions while some others just go for Botox. Whatever the method, the quest to seek out everlasting youthfulness has long been the holy grail of many - sadly, much to the disappointment of those who pursue it. At most, they slow it down, but physical deterioration and old age catch up soon enough. Its a fact - we all live once and someday, we will grow old and die. So what is this life about? Money? Power? Fame? Catching the biggest fish? 

"Meaningless...a chasing after the wind", to quote from the book of Ecclesiastes. We can be remembered today for something we achieved but come tomorrow, will we still be remembered? Yes, money is important, but remember, it is only a good servant but bad master. Money is not the root of all evil. The LOVE of money, is the root of all evil (1 Tim 6:10). At the end of the day, though we may have achieved some sort of success in our lives, do always remember the more important and meaningful things in life; love, family, friendship, peace, happiness, loving others and being a blessing to others, and being thankful to God for every single breath you take each morning.

 One of God's many creations beautifully made

Okay, so these are not "nature's creation". But pieces of "art" nevertheless from the boys at Rapala

And somehow, the toothy buggas love them

Didn't I tell you so?

Seriously, you'd be surprised if I told you his age. FG needs no Botox. Look at the boyish smile! You'd think he's only 21. That's what fishing does to you

Pain or pleasure?

At least Mr Cobia here's not the toothy kind

I think FG looks more tired than the fish

See what I mean about his age?

At the end of it all, one of the most important things in life are friends who share life's memorable and precious moments with you. 

Battle Scars

Did you ever own a beloved, battle-scar riddled lure that had caught you tons of fish and vowed never to let it touch the water ever again lest it parted from you never to return again? Jobe here has. His beloved Rapala Magnum CD18 has caught him countless toothy fish to count and he's proud of it! This pic should be Rapala Insider Photo of the Year!

See how proud he is!

D1: "I swear he bit the lure himself to get those teeth marks!"

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

X marks the Barracuda Spot!

Pulau Kendi has been my beloved 'playground' since young. We used to catch lots of species of fish here and big ones too! We even got lobsters from here at one time. Sadly, overfishing, pollution and commercial fishing has deteriorated this nice island and once in a while when the Spanish Mackerel season comes in we have some good fun. Of course, every now and then if you know the tides, some days of the month can consistently produce good fishing. This is the best time for casting!

Beautiful sunrise

Mr & Mrs Jeffro "Minnow" Man

Pesky Todak that went for the X-Rap SPM. Drat! Was hoping for a Tenggiri!

Aha! Finally something on casting!

Easy does it. This little fella is fiesty

X-Rap SPM - Sijil Penilaian Menengah (Malaysia's GCE O Level equivalent)?
No-lah! It's X-Rap SPotted Mackerel 
(ok.. that was lame...but I couldn't help it. Malaysian joke! :P)

Joni got GT too.

X-rated, X-traordinary, X-plosive, X-RAP!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Groupers on Storm Soft Plastic?

I really miss home. I do. Gone are the days when I can just pop by the rocks 5 mins from home after work on days when the tides are good with excellent water clarity. Those are the best days for luring Grouper. No fuss, no muss in the comfort of civilization, just cast among the rocks and we'd get a few groupers (released to grow up another day of course!)

But not anymore now. Sob sob... leaving work early is a luxury than a norm these days with my new job. But at uncertain economic times such as this, I'm thankful and grateful to the Lord I have a job! Looking back at the pictures does bring back the fun memories we had fishing by the rocks though.

Jeffroman with one on a Gulp!

Bouncing the Soft Plastics off the rocks produced plenty of these

Notice how fishes always look at the lure when caught?

Put me down!!

So who says Storm Wildeye Shads only work at fishing payponds for Barramundi? :P

Poor lil' greedy bugga

Mrs Jeffroman strikes!

Lil Buggas everywhere!