Saturday, February 6, 2010

Get 'Buff'ed!

Some may have noticed members of the Rapalero team wearing some scarf-like headwear in some of the fishing photos. No, we're not trying to be some pansy, day-time, mis-dressed ninjas on the wrong side of the world.

The headgear is none other than Buff® (, a garment made of microfibre that is breathable, moisture-wicking, wind-resistant and more importantly, offering protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. Apparently, the word 'Buff' comes from the Spanish word 'bufanda', which means scarf. Smart!

Again, the boys @ Rapala have done it again - by working with the folks at Buff® to come up with a Buff headscarf bearing the Rapala trademark logo & another with a myriad of lure designs. Bravo! Another item for true-blue Rapala fans to get our itchy hands on!

Comes in a thin envelope cardboard

So how good is this thing in offering protection from the harmful UV rays? According to the tag that comes with it, the Buff® blocks out more than 95% of UV radiation (tested by AITEX & LEITAT). Good for protecting one's face from serious sunburn and preventing skin cancer later on from UV overexposure.

What about heat or sweat? No sweat (pun intended)! Made from CoolMax® fabric, it wicks up moisture from the skin and spreads it out across the fabric to enhance the evaporative drying rate while letting the air in to cool the skin, keeping the angler dry, comfortable and cool under the hot sun.

Ways to wear a Buff

I personally quite like the red Buff with the trademark Rapala wordings imprinted all over it. Gives a 'classic' look to it.

Sick of always slapping on dollops of oily, grubby sunscreen on your face each time you go fishing? That may be a thing of the past with the Buff®.

Though it may not 'buff' up your physique, it certainly gives good protection against the harsh sun's UV rays.