Saturday, March 28, 2009

VMC Spark Point Trebles

Rapala VMC releasing a Owner look-alike treble series? Interesting...

I've always liked chemically sharpened hooks from makers like Gamakatsu, Owner, Daiichi, etc. No hassle about sharpening them (as I'm a bum!) so I'd rather get them out of the box, sharp and ready to lock onto some fish. 

VMC's Spark Point is supposed to be a breakthrough in VMC's pursuit for sharper and faster hooksets. According to the VMC Website, Spark Point "has been developed exclusively by VMC to ensure permanent hook sharpness, while penetration speed is accelerated by energy channels which optimise the point's driving force upon striking"

Comes in 2 finishes - Tin and Black Nickel

I didn't get anything bigger than a size No.1 to try out but by putting it onto an X-Rap 14 (actually an ideal size would be X-Rap 12) somehow I felt the lure was a lot lighter. True enough, the casting distance was lesser too due to the lighter weight. I'm sure the smaller sizes will be a darling to Freshwater fishos as the lighter hooks will mean livelier lure swimming action.  

Haven't landed anything on the Spark Point yet to write anything more about it, but we shall see.... stay tuned.

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