Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pulau Jarak 2009 - Part 5

The final day of our trip had arrived. We had good fun and good laughter and very soon in a few hours it was all coming to an end. Ah Ho had informed us we'd be stopping by Pulau Sembilan for some light jigging before we headed home. It had been an extremely fun trip though no biggies were landed on this trip but indeed it was a blessing to have great weather and clear skies throughout the trip. 

Bluefox Herring 50g (L) Williamson Gyro Jig 40g (R)

One of the baby GT's at Sembilan

YH was the star of the day. Armed with his 'Red Beauty' and ever faithful Bluefox Casting Skarpsilda, he was in business from start till end. 

Firstly, Cincaru (Hard-Tailed Scad) on Skarpsilda

Hookup again!

This time its a juvenile GT

Darren's GT

YH playing 'Ninja'

This time, its a Sagai

Mahadzir with a Grouper on Inchiku

The Poseidon Spin Jerker PE2.5 & Golden Mean Sable Dance PE1

We also had a special visitor that morning too

Our man FG

What's Darren doing with a Stella on one hand and a hammer on the other?! (note the wrench on the floor too!)

By noon, we were already back at the Jetty of Bagan Datoh. It was fun while it lasted - more importantly having good fun with some old friends and making new ones too! 

And all of us posing with Kampung Koh Chilli Sauce! Best chilli sauce in the world for your burger or hotdog!

Fully endorsed by RapalaInsider! ;)

Special thanks goes to Darren C, Damien Loong for organizing this memorable trip. Mahadzir and Edi - it was great to fish with you guys and thanks to you, we've now learnt how to jig to the song "I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT!" And last but not least, thank you to Captain Toh Seng Hoo for a wonderful trip and being the professional captain and friend you are. You ROCK!

For those wishing to fish with Captain Ho on board GT Chaser can contact him at +6019 516 5885
Enquiries regarding Evergreen Poseidon rods, Sabel Dance & Majorcraft? 


  1. Nice Catches wif Nice Rods & Reels!!! Beautiful scenery too!

    May I know the exact setup of the "red beauty"?

  2. Its a Loomis GLX 783-2 coupled to a Daiwa Zillion Hyper Speed and loaded with Sufix Performance Braid :)

  3. aiyoh... when will williamson vortex & williamson yabai jig out in market ???

    From eddie

  4. Hi Eddie! Should be out sometime in April/May. Unfortunately I'm not very sure which date to be exact tho :)