Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rapala Seminar - 3 More Days to Go

3 more days to go....

Date: Saturday 1st May 2010
Venue: Cititel Hotel, Mid-Valley (Bintang Ballroom) Kuala Lumpur
Time: 9am - 6pm
Admission is free

Dont forget to bring along any old non-Rapala brand lure to exchange for a Storm lure

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Long and Slim

I like long profile, minnow-style lures with short bibs. They have a unique darting & rolling action when twitched on a high-speed retrieve. Short bibs keep the lure shallow running near the surface so its perfect for low-level water fishing.

Rapala MaxRap is such a lure. And since its proven effectiveness in the previous trip, I brought out a similar long, slim minnow in the form of Storm's Slim Thunderstick for a weekend morning 'outing'.

First cast of the day and the Storm Slim Thunderstick got its first quarry, a nice Peacock Bass with a bump on its head. Don't blame me. I was 100% sure I didn't whack it in the head with the lure to result in a swollen head.

FG was swoffing his magic fly wand when suddenly... lo and behold - a striped cichlid which gave an excellent account of itself on 3-weight outfit.

MaxRap did it's magic again... in the form of 2 teenage Temensis which gave good aerial displays and furious initial runs

An over-enthusiastic Toman baby trying to 'smoke' an X-Rap. Sorry dude, its not for smoking...

Fly swoffer YH also yielded his magic in producing several nice sized Temensis too!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Weekend with MaxRap, Flat Rap & X-Rap

We hit our first spot early 7am.

The bites came lightning fast and strikes aggressive. One particular snag produced 5 fish and countless hookups that did not convert. It was almost pandemonium!

We had brought MaxRaps, Flat-Raps & X-Raps (new Redhead colour) to try out. Although the fishes were not huge, they made up for the quantity in action and visual displays of acrobatic jumps and blazing runs on light tackle.

Double hookup on MaxRap. This was one lure with a really sexy darting/rolling action that made the fishes go crazy!

Poor dude had a Flat Rap hooked onto its gills.

A haruan (snakehead) couldn't resist the X-Rap snack

Check out the beautiful blueish tinge on the tail and fins

MaxRap does it again

While the 'Ultraman' worked his wonders too

Oh yes, and we did hit a few prized trophies too

The natural colour MaxRap AYU worked very well

And at spot 2, we encountered a hungry pack of juveniles who willingly ambushed X-Raps..

... & Flat Raps