Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Storm Gomoku Series Metal Jig - Thunder Jig

The Storm Thunder Jig is no newcomer to the Storm Gomoku Metal Jig line up. A proven fish-catching jig, it now comes in 7 new colours! Featuring the same quality holographic finishes as the other metals in the Storm Gomoku series, it is a deadly weapon especially for slow-jigging the bottom, thanks to its bottom-heavy curvature that gives a glittering flutter on the drop. The 28g & 40g models are also great for casting and speed-jigging. 

Species: GT, Diamond Trevally, Coral Trout, Grouper, Snapper, Cobia, Queenfish, Bludger Trevally & Golden Trevally
Technique: Slow-Jigging (Casting and Speed Jigging - 28 & 40g)
Available Weight: 28g, 40g, 60g

Storm Thunder Jig memang telah terbukti sebagai jig yang amat berkesan sebelum kemasukkannya kedalam siri jig besi Storm Gomoku. Ia kini terdapat dalam 7 warna baru yang juga mempunyai ciri-ciri kemasan holografik berkualiti seperti jig-jig besi Storm Gomoku yang lain. Storm Thunder Jig yang berciri berat-bawah ini amat berkesan terutamanya ketika memburu spesis demersil dengan teknik jigging dasar perlahan. Jig berat 28g dan 40g juga sesuai untuk casting dan jigging berkelajuan tinggi.

Spesis: Gerepoh (GT), Ebek, Kerapu, Kerapu Bara, Jenahak, Haruan Tasik, Talang, Jemuduk, Gerong Belang
Teknik: Jigging Dasar Secara Perlahan (Casting dan Jigging Berkelajuan Tinggi - 28g & 40g)
Berat Jig: 28g, 40g, 60g

Storm Thunder Jig

7 New Colours!

Storm Gomoku Series

7 Colours (2 models with dual face design)

Bottom-heavy design

Dual Face Design

Dual Face Design 

Dual Face Design

Holographic eyes

Sleek lines 

Ebek love them! 

 Yu Hock and Ebek

Yu Hock and Cobia 

Ebek again 

Other Trevally species love Thunder Jig too! 

Double happiness! 

Kerapu Batik 

Another Ebek 



Juvenile Ebek

 Only Storm Gomoku!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Storm Gomoku Series Metal Jigs - Gomame Jig

The Storm GOMAME is designed by lure designer Mr Hiroshi Takahashi. The sleek, curvy-shaped anchovy profile is specifically designed to give maximum flash and crazy darting action especially for high-speed jigging and casting. A prominent feature on the GOMAME and the other Storm Gomoku Jigs is the quality holographic finish of these jigs. 

Species: Spanish Mackerel, Mackerel, Barracuda, Cobia, Queenfish, GT, Tuna, Trevally, Mahi-mahi, Snapper, Grouper
Technique: Speed Jigging, Casting, Bottom Jigging
Available Weight: 28g, 40g & 60g

Jig Storm GOMAME ini adalah hasil ciptaan pereka gewang Jepun En. Hiroshi Takahashi. Jig berbentuk ikan bilis ini direka khusus untuk memberikan kilau maksimum dan aksi kencang ketika jigging berkelajuan tinggi ataupun casting. Salah satu ciri utama Jig Storm GOMAME ini dan juga jig siri Storm Gomoku yang lain adalah hasil kemasan hologramnya yang bermutu tinggi. 

Spesis: Spanish Mackerel, Mackerel, Barracuda, Cobia, Queenfish, GT, Tuna, Trevally, Mahi-mahi, Jenahak, Kerapu
Teknik: Speed Jigging, Casting, Jigging Dasar
Berat Jig: 28g, 40g & 60g

Storm GOMAME, part of the Storm GOMOKU series jigs

Sleek, Anchovy Profile

Stylish, Futuristic Eyes

Quality holographic finish

Curvy shaped for erratic, darting action

Available in 7 attractive colours (top to bottom)
GS-Green Sardine, ANC-Anchovy, SCH-Stressed Chartreuse, SA-Stressed Anchovy,
BSRD-Blue Sardine, NF-Naked Flash, SPP-Stressed Pink

Fred Goh engaged in battle!
Okuma Ergosense PE1 / Okuma Avenger II 40b / Sufix 832 Ghost 20lb / Storm Gomame 40g 

Baby GT!

Storm Gomame SPP - Stressed Pink

Spotted Mackerel

Big-Eye Trevally



More Queenfish!

...and Mackerel

Juvenile GT on light tackle

And Golden Snapper

Juvenile GT

Juvenile GT

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Storm GOMOKU Concept Series Metal Jigs

The new STORM GOMOKU Concept Series metal jigs have taken Southeast Asia by Storm (pun intended!). This unique concept revolves around "A.T.E.W - Any Time Every Where". Each of the metal jigs in the GOMOKU Concept range are designed with different actions and applications to suit the different conditions, whether its speed jigging for predators, slow jerking the bottom for demersal species or casting at rampaging pelagics. Therefore any jigs can be used anytime, everywhere!

We'll be posting up details of each jig in the upcoming posts. Follow us on the Rapala Insider for more details!