Saturday, June 27, 2009

Breaking the EGG...

Have you ever experienced those 'seasons' in fishing when every single you go would produce you amazing catches? Likewise, it could turn out the other way too, as I have been experiencing of late.

Despite the busy schedule at work, I do try to sneak in a few hours to have a go at fishing every now and then. Results however, has been dismal. I think I have been on a streak of fish-less trips for as long as I can remember! Frustrating as it can be, you just got to keep trying and trying to break the egg by just going for trip after trip and work your heart out on those lures... and I'm still trying till this day to break that EGG.

What could be worse than fish-less trips? When you get pics of these in your Inbox. Sigh.... rub it in YH, rub it in.... :P

Photos courtesy of YH

YH's Peacock Bass on Twitchin' Rap & brand new Curado 200E

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rapala VMC Asia Pacific distributes Plano for Thailand & Malaysia

Rapala Insider got the scoop that Rapala VMC Asia Pacific will be officially distributing Plano products for Malaysia & Thailand. 

Plano has been around since the 50s, famous for their quality, solid plastic moulded tackle storage systems & boxes. Their product line has today expanded into bait storage, tray boxes, lure boxes and storage, tackle bags and rod/reel cases.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Beautiful Lake Somewhere...

I just realised how long it has been since my last update to Rapala Insider. Last posting was May 25th! Work commitments.... work commitments... 

Despite the hectic schedule, YH, FG & I had an invitation to fish with J at a certain spot of his which was pretty good for Toman & Sebarau. We just had to check it out! Being out of the fishing action for a long time, this was a welcome break for me given the crazy workload seeking to engulf me like a blob of goo from the movie 'The Blob'. 

It was raining that early morning and that really affected the water clarity a whole lot. Water was a shivering cold temperature. Water had gushed down from the mountainside down to the lake making certain parts look like Nescafe with milk. Visibility was poor. And to top it all, the wind was pretty strong which made spotting the Toman rises extremely difficult. It was going to be one loooong day!

This is where a good guide comes in. What separates the men from the boys. When you have a guide that has eyes of a hawk, a Toman ripple far away could easily be spotted no problemo.

It was like clockwork...

"There... Toman..."

Guns engine toward the rises and kills the engine about 70-80m away and starts pedalling towards the activity

Very often, the lures would swim back to the boat unmolested. But there were also many cases of surface explosions from lunging Toman; short of a hookup. They DO NEED SPECS coz they cant seem to aim at a lure properly! Of course, there were times when these did convert into solid hookups that resulted in Toman on the hands of a Colgate-kind-of-smile-angler.

Special thanks goes to J for the wonderful trip. Looking forward to fish with you again soon!

Rain rain go away!

Here a cast, there a cast...

YH was in his element being the sharp-shooting baitcaster he is

Angry Toman staring at the Storm Boots that fooled him

Nice colouration

Toman (Snakehead)

FG managed to land several that day - this was one of the smaller ones. Pretty colouration!

This one took a Skitter Pop Chartreuse Redhead