Thursday, November 6, 2014

Trigger X Slop Hopper 3.5inch ARRIVED!

The very popular Trigger-X Aggression Series Slop Hopper is now available in South East Asia in a brand new, 3.5inch size! This will be perfect for smaller barramundi, mangrove jacks and definitely deadly in the fishing ponds. Rig this Texas-style and off you go! The new 3.5 inch Slop Hopper (PTXSLH35) comes in a pack of 10.

Trigger-X Features: 
  • Phtalate-Free composition: Extremely precise bio-salt infused formulas match bait density to body shape for maximum action 
  • Multi-Species - Body shape and action are perfect for most gamefish applications 
  • Ribbed Surface Area - Significant ridge structure creates a softer "life-like" feel while increasing lure surface area and allowing increased pheromone distribution 
  • Ultrabite® Aggression Pheromones - A custom blend of "aggression" and "fear" pheromones that mimic the natural predator vs. prey response 
  • Designed to Trigger Feeding Instinct - Body designs present the exact required profile. Serious action with pro-picked colors, perfect for every condition 
  • Easy-to-Handle Packs - Resealable Bag allows fast changes and quick re-baiting when the action is hot 

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