Friday, July 15, 2011

Risto Rap in 7 Wonders

Named after founder Lauri Rapala's eldest son, Risto Rapala, the Risto Rap was a very popular lure for Toman hunters in Malaysia & Thailand apart from the Fat Rap. They were great casting, deep diving and oooh... that sexy balsa wood action! Sadly, they were discontinued some years ago and finding one in the popular Fire Tiger colour in tackle shops was like striking a lottery - not impossible, but you get my point.

Recognizing the feedback from local anglers for the need of these lures, Rapala Southeast Asia brought back a limited number of Fat Raps in 2009. This week, Rapala Southeast Asia officially announced via their Facebook page a limited re-run of the legendary 8cm Risto Rap.  Though I haven't seen the actual 7 colours, it seems to be the same range as the 7 wonders colours that appeared some time ago on the Tail Dancer Deep range. 

I'll be heading up to Thailand this weekend for some Toman action. Now that there are more Risto Raps available, it's safe to bring out the 'older generation' Ristos for a swim. 

Risto Rap in the older colours - GFR, FT & PRT

Fitted with VMC 3X Spark Points of course! :)

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